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Mike Gallo’s Ball and Vase Deluxe by Airship Magic, Mike Gallo

(c. 1983,2006,2021)
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Out of stock


Since 2016, Mad Jake Jr. and his brother Frederick have been growing their company Airship Magic into a successful magic manufacturing and distribution company. Jake focuses mainly on the metal and coin work and Frederick on the wood work and turning. They also collaborate with smaller, and often unknown, craftsmen to bring a unique line of magic that you rarely find elsewhere in the industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation is high and I’ve been very happy with the products I have purchased from them directly and through Stevens Magic. Just browsing through their website you will find all sorts of cool items that you won’t find elsewhere.

Mike Gallo published his Ball & Vase routine in the November 1983 issue of Richard Kaufman’s Almanac. The routine does not use any shells and was performed using the trusty Adams Ball and Vase sets. Mad Jake Sr. turned a beautiful Rosewood Ball & Vase for Mike Gallo c. 2006. This design by Mad Jake Sr.’s son, Frederick, follows his fathers design and is made in Exotic African Mahogany. And what a beauty it is. Comes with no routine just the vase and two red balls and one black ball.

Effect: This is our late father’s design of the Mike Gallo Ball & Vase. I’m in the middle of doing 1 single run of 50 vases. This design was approved and is still endorsed by Mike Gallo. We can’t thank Mike enough for allowing us to continue making props for him and resale.

The vase is a “Shell-less” vase, I’ve chosen Exotic African Mahogany for this run. The balls are turned from Hard Maple.

Each set includes 1 hand turned African Mahogany ball vase, 2 red 1″ balls, 1 black ball and a download link to Mike Gallo’s performance and Original handling instructions.

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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