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Meteor Card Gun by Tannen’s

(c. 1950)
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This amazing vanish was created from an old 1940’s Hubley “Army 45” Cap Gun die-cast pistol.  The pistol is very solidly made and the gimmick added to make the card or bill vanish is also well engineered.  Hubley was from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and started in 1894. The Hubley company made some of the finest Cap Guns you ever saw.

You will not believe how quick and effective the vanish is. You clip the card or bill or note into the special holder attached to the barrel of gun.  Point the gun at the target and simply pull the trigger and in an instant the card has disappeared.  There are some angle issues – you can’t be behind the gun or at the side in front of the gun, but from the front it looks very convincing.

A real nice prop from Tannen’s in the 1950’s and 1960’s 🙂

Effect: The most dramatic and spectacular card vanish that has ever been devised. This exclusive effect is sure to fit in some part of your show. Visualize being able to clip a card to the gun sight of an imitation “45”. The trigger is pulled and like its name the gun vanishes the card in a flash, as FAST AS A METEOR! There are literally dozens of tricks where this may be used.

If you have a card box, television frame, appearing card frame, card in balloon or any trick where a card is made to appear then you NEED this gun. Imagine showing a a card box empty then having a card selected and clipped on the end of the gun. Aiming the gun at the box, Bang! the card has vanished and upon opening the box there it is! Can also be used to vanish dollar bills, business cards, or any piece of paper or cardboard. Wonderful for the bill in the lemon.

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