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Merlin’s Coffer (T-171) by Tenyo

(c. 1995)
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A wonderfully clever combination of methods creates a very strong visual penetration that is easy to do.  Created by the talented Shigeru Sugawara who has created many good Tenyo releases.

Effect: A small metal ring is held on a piece of string by a small bead, which obviously is too big for the ring to fit over. They are encased in a small clear box, Obviously, the ring cannot escape from the string. Yet just one shake and that is what happens! and in full view, the ring comes off the string. An impossible effect.

This is visual magic at its BEST! Everything happens in full view of your audience. And remember this: the ring cannot slip over the end of the solid ball. And yet it does just that! Impossible? Yes! Easy to do? Absolutely!

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