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Super De Luxe Mental Vision by Harries

(c. 1988)
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This effect was created by the Swedish Amateur Mentalist and Stage Magician Goran Klyve c. 1988. Goran started working for Harries c. 1985 and has created a number of effects for Harries. This mental miracle is one of the most straight forward mental routines in the field of magic. The effect is simple and direct. 

Effect: You show four beautiful, heavy brass medallions with the following ESP symbols: STAR, CROSS, SQUARE and WAVY LINES. The medallions are numbered from 1-4 on the back. You also receive a wooden spin wheel with the numbers 1-4 as well. You ask a spectator to spin the wheel 3-4 times in order to prove it is not prepared in any way.

The fourth time – or whenever he wishes – he shall settle for the number shown. Spectator looks at the selected coin and is told to take a piece of transparent mental crystal that has been in full view all the time and hold it in his hand while concentrating on the symbol. After a few seconds the chosen ESP-sign appears on the glass surface!

A true miracle. The medallions and the spin wheel are unprepared and can be examined any time, as can the mental crystal. There is absolutely no force involved. Harries Super De Luxe Mental Vision is a straight forward mental experiment the audience will long remember. The heavy brass medallions are of highest quality. You can use them for other ESP-effects.


  • 4 heavy brass medallions.
  • Spin Wheel
  • Mental Crystal (an innocent looking piece of glass)
  • Presentation case.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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