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Mental Ropes (Natural Wood) by Louis Gaynor, Davenport’s, Al Glennan

(c. 2001)
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This effect was invented by Al Glennan c. 2001 and sold exclusively by Davenport’s until 2019 when the USA rights were granted by Betty Davenport to Stevens Magic to produce their own version.

It a very easy effect to do and has quite a surprising outcome because everything appears so above board all the way up until the last rope is chosen. Nothing is added or taken away and there are no tricky moves or difficult set-ups.

Louis Gaynor has created this perfectly. The only thing I would change is use replace the standard black and white wand with a nicer wooden one (Stevens Magic clearly could have done this but the price would have gone up a lot and they really are releasing this at an amazing price.) The other performance tip I have is to place an elastic around the wand under the bottom of the box to lock the wand in so that it doesn’t move when you are pulling out the ropes it makes for a much smoother operation.

Effect: You show a natural wood box, in which lies five different brightly-colored ropes. Both ends of each rope dangle outside both sides of the box. A magic wand (or similar such device), is placed cross-sectionally inside the box across from the ropes. The ends of the wand are thus sticking out of the box in full view at all times. To prevent interference, a lid is placed on top of the box covering the ropes and wand. An audience member is asked to simply select one of the colored ropes of their choice. They can change their mind if so desired as the effect plays out!

The remaining ropes that were not selected are pulled out individually. The spectator can ALSO choose which colored ropes to remove—and in what order—from the box. It’s important to highlight the control the spectator has both in choosing the colored rope they want to remain in the box, and also choosing which ropes are removed and in what order. When the lid is removed, it is revealed that the spectator’s selected rope is the ONLY one that is tied around the magic wand that’s been there from the very beginning!

Complete with cleverly designed box and rope and wand.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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