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Mental Dice by LabcoMagic

(c. 2004)
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Still one of the finest pieces of electronic magic and looks and works as beautiful as it did when it came out over ten years ago! Wow! This truly is the most reliable and beautiful electronic effect I have had the pleasure of owning – and it uses standard 2x9V batteries so it should keep running for years and years to come.

The electronics are flawless and 100% hidden. To all intents and purposes you are just dealing with two beautiful (and large!) dice and a beautifully inlayed box.

Effect: The basic effect is as follows: you show the two dice (one black and one white) and an empty wooden box. You turn your back or leave the room, and have the spectator choose either die and place it with any number facing on top. They put the lid on and place the other die in a small bag. Both items could be hidden from view as you never need to see or touch the box or die again. But immediately you can not only detect which die is in the box, but which number is on top. The range is amazing too 45-60 feet!

If you add to this effect Larry Becker’s wonderful Versadex Wallet you can show your wallet with a prediction before you start, leave it in full view all the time, and hand them the wallet to take the prediction when you are done and it can show the color and number. Now that is amazing magic!

Highly Recommended!

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