Mental Case by Steve Cook, Magic Wagon,Tony Curtis

(c. 2009)
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Magic Wagon items have become very popular over the last few years. Mental Case is from their early days and was produced by Tony Curtis and it utilizes the strengths of Magic Wagon for creating beautiful clean boxes coupled with the clever and devious thinking of the amazing Steve Cook.

The Mental Case box has several custom features that make this a self-contained and clean prediction of any of the five ESP symbols boldly displayed on the top of the box.  Although this uses multiple outs,  each revelation is almost as strong the next and you’ll leave the spectator quite convinced you knew precisely what they would choose.

There is almost no memory work and once you try it a few times you will quickly remember what to do – all of the revelations are quite striking. Not to mention this box just slips in your pocket and is ready to go.  This is all thanks to Steve Cook carefully thinking through the revelations, including:

  • The only card in the window.
  • The only card in the lid.
  • The only card turned face up.
  • The only blank card.
  • The only card to penetrate the box.

This is one you’ll love the look of and actually use 🙂

Effect: Show an exquisite veneer wood box which has a brass plaque on its lid depicting all 5 ESP symbols. Now ask a spectator to freely select and remember anyone of the 5 symbols shown. The spectator now names which symbol they have chosen. In a dramatic and entertaining fashion a prediction is now revealed from inside the box by the performer. The prediction showed perfectly matches the ESP symbol chosen by the spectator.

Mental Case is a completely self contained effect which can be repeated with a different outcome each time.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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