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Magic Pocketbook (Deluxe Card in Wallet) by La Casa de Los Trucos

(c. 1980)
Out of stock


Out of stock


This is a very fine no-palm style, signed card to wallet made from super soft leather which is pliable and very thin.  You will need to control the card to the top, but if you were looking for a high-end card to wallet with an everyday looking wallet, this could be the one.

Imported from Bogota, Columbia, with original English instructions and cloth and leather drawstring case.

Effect: A card is selected and signed by a spectator. The card is returned to and lost in the deck. The Magician takes out his wallet saying that the selected card will be found inside. Upon opening the wallet, a hand drawn card is seen in a photo holder. When the spectator says that it is not his card, the Magician opens up a zippered compartment and removes the selected card.

The deck can be examined proving that the card is not there.


(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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