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The Magic House of Babcock by Michael S. Richman

(c. 2003)
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For those who know Mel Babcock and his work, this is an excellent collection of stories, tidbits, descriptions, and pictures of his life and his workmanship. Mel builds some great items and his prices makes these pieces a real steal. His Nested Boxes and Instant Transposition, all handcrafted in exotic woods, are truly exceptional items and speak well of his skills.

The book is well written and adorned with black and white photos, but the color images of his magic towards the end of the book is a real treat. I liked the chapter detailing Mel’s steps in making a die box and the one describing the various exotic woods used in his apparatus. This is definitely a fact filled book on a wonderful man and his contribution to magic. 

My biggest issue with this wonderful book is that there are very few dates in the Effect Descriptions section. If you compare this with Donald Croucher’s superb book Magic by Miller, Donald spent the time adding as many dates as he could. The Magic House of Babcock is still an excellent book and will appeal to Collectors, but adding the dates would have really made it more generally useful research source too.  Dates are the quickest thing that creators and magicians forget and are vital to place a creator’s magic in context and really helpful for my History Project 🙂 

Effect: For more than 25 years, Mel Babcock has turned out magnificent, crafted, collector-quality magic props. “The Magic House of Babcock” is a wonderful adventure of a man’s passion for learning the art of magic, performing, and developing a talent for woodworking. It is a story that shares the creativity, challenge, and motivation of one man in his journey to build quality magic apparatus. This is an 8 x 11 inch hard bound volume with dust jacket. It contains 192 pages printed on glossy paper. Included are product descriptions and approximately 150 photographs, as well as a 20 page color gallery of many of the magic props built by Mr. Babcock. Supply limited to 500 autographed copies.

With encouragement from William King, the book was written by Michael S. Richman of Germantown, MD. Mr. Richman is a magic hobbyist and collector of fine apparatus. He works in the field of biotechnology where he helps manage and develop pharmaceuticals and biologic products.


12 Introduction
14 The Person
34 Getting Interested in Magic
42 Mel the Magician
62 The Craftsman
82 In the Shop
102 Building a Die Box
112 The Business
124 Conclusion
126 Effect Descriptions

  1. ABC Blocks
  2. Block and Ball Transposition
  3. Block, Ball and Coin Penetration
  4. Block, Frame and Ribbon Penetration
  5. Block Production Box
  6. Card Box
  7. Card Box (Lippincott-Style)
  8. Coin Tray
  9. Coin Vanish
  10. Color Changing Rabbit
  11. Dice Boxes
  12. Die Box
  13. Die, Frame, and Cord Penetration
  14. Die Tunnel
  15. Double Block Release
  16. Dry Erase Prediction Slate
  17. The Elusive Teddy Bear
  18. Flat Dice
  19. The Flying Die
  20. Harbin-Style Folding Table
  21. Improved Phantom Die
  22. Instant Transposition
  23. Lester Lake Guillotine
  24. Magic Wands
  25. Mirror Penetration
  26. Okito’s Alphabet Block
  27. Pivot-Lid Coin Box
  28. Psychic Arithmetic
  29. Ring and Box Trick
  30. Ring and Post Puzzle
  31. See-Thru Block Box
  32. Square Circle
  33. Square Production Tube
  34. Twin Tube Block Penetration
  35. Bewildering Blocks
  36. Block and Silk Transposition
  37. Block-Off-Ribbon
  38. Bow Sawing
  39. Brass Washer and Silver Dollar Trick
  40. Break-Apart Die Box
  41. Broom Illusion
  42. Bunny Box
  43. Card Appearance Frame
  44. Checker Cabinet
  45. Coin Ladder
  46. Cutting a Girl into Sixths
  47. Dagger Heade Chest
  48. Die Box to Rabbit
  49. Die to Ball
  50. Double-Door Production Box
  51. Double Tube Production
  52. Dove from Balloon Pagoda
  53. Dove From Balloon Tray
  54. Doves to Rabbit
  55. Dove-Switching Cage
  56. Dove Take-Apart Vanish
  57. Dove Tear-Apart Vanish
  58. Drawer Box
  59. English Die Box
  60. Finger Chopper
  61. Flash Appearance
  62. Flip-Over Vanish
  63. Folding Roll-On Table
  64. G.M. Die Box
  65. Gunther Die Box
  66. Gwynne-Style Rabbit Vanish
  67. Hong Kong Dove Frame
  68. Jap Hank Box
  69. Last Card
  70. The Madison Die Box
  71. Mirror Boxes
  72. Money Machine
  73. Nest of Boxes
  74. Nest of Boxes Key Stand
  75. Oriental Die Box
  76. Oriental Square Circle
  77. Pagoda Production Box
  78. Pivot-Panel Production Box
  79. Pivot-Panel Production Screen
  80. Rabbit From Balloon Box
  81. Reappearing Lollipops
  82. Ribbon and Glass Release
  83. See-Thru Block Production Box
  84. Shadow Box Illusion
  85. Silver Dollar Die Box
  86. Slow Motion Visible Block Penetration
  87. Square Circle Illusion
  88. Squeeze-Away Blocks
  89. Super-X Illusion
  90. Swirling Dove Vanish Box
  91. TV Card Frame
  92. Take-Apart Rabbit Vanish
  93. Toy Chest
  94. Tray, Box, and Screen Production (Gwynne-Style)
  95. Triple Card Prediction
  96. Triple Coin Boxes
  97. Ultimate ABC Blocks
  98. Vanishing Dove Cage
  99. Walking Through Ribbons
  100. The West Die Box
  101. Wine Bottle Cabinet
  102. Wrist Chopper
  103. Zig-Zag Illusion
  104. Zombie Box

166 Exhibits
174 Color Gallery

  1. Squeeze-Away Blocks
  2. Ultimate ABC Blocks
  3. Zig-Zag Illusion
  4. Bow Sawing
  5. Dagger Head Chest
  6. Mirror Penetration
  7. Lester Lake Guillotine
  8. Last Card
  9. Folding Roll-On Table
  10. Triple Card Prediction
  11. Harbin-Style Folding Table
  12. Wine Bottle Holder
  13. Bewildering Blocks
  14. Dove Tear-Apart Vanish
  15. Block and Silk Transposition
  16. ABC Blocks
  17. Oriental Square Circle
  18. Toy Chest and Block and Ball Transposition
  19. Wrist Chopper
  20. Card Appearance Frame
  21. TV Card Frame
  22. Card Boxes
  23. Square Production Tube
  24. Checker Cabinet
  25. Slow Motion Visible Block Penetration
  26. Die Box To Rabbit
  27. Double Tube Production
  28. Die Boxes
  29. Nest of Boxes
  30. Dove From Balloon Tray
  31. Square Circle
  32. Dove Take-Apart Vanish
  33. Double Block Release
  34. English Die Box
  35. Oriental Die Box
  36. Mirror Box
  37. Pivot-Panel Production Screen
  38. The Elusive Teddy Bear
  39. Flip-Over Vanish
  40. Dove From Balloon Pagoda Style
  41. Another Mirror Box


  • Publisher: Mel Babcock
  • Pages: 192
  • Location: USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2003
  • Binding: hardbound

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