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Magic Gamble (Magisches Glcksspiel) by Eckhard Boettcher

(c. 1993)
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Out of stock


This fine prop from Eckhard Boettcher’s Zauber Butike looks perfect. It includes an elongated box, made of quality Plexiglas, with four compartments that are closed with different colored sliding lids and four colored and numbered chips.  There is no force and it can be repeated with different results.  The reset is quick and nothing is added or taken away.

The method is not as impressive as the props themselves but it will fool any audience and is easy to do.  But if you are expecting some clever mechanism or ruse you will probably be disappointed 🙁

Effect: The choice is very direct. Three spectators have a chance to win $100!

Each of the three spectators freely names a number from one to four and takes the correspondingly numbered colored chip, as a ticket, so to speak. The remaining fourth chip has your number. Explain to the audience that there is a small or larger prize in the box (which, by the way, was visible on the table the whole time) under each of the colored lids. The colors of the chips, which were freely chosen by the audience, indicate which lid the audience is allowed to open.

The first viewer has e.g. If you chose a red chip, you now open the compartment with the red lid and find a lucky penny in it, your win! The next spectator with the green chip opens the relevant compartment and wins a tiny chocolate bar. The third viewer finally finds some nonsensical voucher. You can do all sorts of mischief with these prizes and provide the laughs. Finally, the compartment left for you is opened and, to everyone’s surprise, there is $100 inside.

All the props used are unprepared and can be examined carefully by the audience they will have no clue how it works.


  • Long box with four compartments.
  • Colored chips with numbers.
  • 1 USA Cent, 1 old English Penny, 1 new English Penny.
  • Use your own $100 bill 🙂

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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