Madarin’s Temple by Camelot Creations, Fred Story

(c. 1981)
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This is a beautiful Children’s effect made by the talented professional magician and master craftsman, Fred Story, from Texas and his Camelot Creations.  Fred and his wife Ann performed for over twenty years throughout the USA with one of the last great touring illusion shows.  Amongst collectors Fred is best know for Camelot Creations  which were active in the early 1980’s.  Fred also built props for companies like Stevens Magic Emporium and ran The Magic Shop in Lubbock, Texas.

Effect: Chinese coin is removed from blue house, and placed in the temple. After sucker by-play (ala die box) coin magically returns to blue house. Excellent children’s effect and simple to perform.


  • Beautiful red temple trimmed in gold and black (12″ by 13″).
  • Gorgeous blue house trimmed in black.
  • Elegant gold Chinese coin trimmed in black.
  • All wood construction.
  • Brilliant finish.

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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