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Lookin’ Sharp (knife thru anything) by Ed Verba

(c. 1997)
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Out of stock


This is a wonderful “knife-thru-coat” penetration routine. It uses only one knife and it really does work on anything and everything. It’s only limited by your imagination! Work it on someone’s nice new coat, right up close it absolutely looks like you’ve really done it!

Effect: An ordinary looking, kitchen style carving knife is jabbed through a borrowed coat, causing no damage to the garment whatsoever!  The knife is shown up close and on all sides, it can clearly be seen by the spectators from all sides that the knife is really in there!

Close-up master Jerry Gamaro has come up with an even stronger ending: Just for good measure, performer pulls the knife down the coat, a move that should leave a gigantic rip – but it doesn’t! Knife is removed, the coat is removed undamaged to the worried owner and all that’s left is to accept the applause!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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