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Linking Rings (10″) by Rings ‘N’ Things Magic Co.

(c. 1972)
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The Linking Rings were the product that gave Mike Brazill’s company it’s name. In 1969 Mike Brazill started making these beautiful Chinese Linking Ring sets in his basement in Jennings, Missouri – in his first year alone Mike and a helper turned out over a thousand sets of his “new design” Linking Rings. The following year Mike teamed up with Harry Montieth and they designed a new set of metal Cups and Balls. Miss Sandy Byrne was also hired to take care of the Office while Mike ran the Plant, Sandy’s passion for keeping the orders flowing and the customers happy was only matched by Mike’s talent for metal craft. That year the organization produced nearly three thousand sets of rings, six hundred sets of cups and over a thousand dove pans. They were now making “Rings … and things.” By 1972 Mike Brazill incorporated the fledgling company and officially named it: Rings ‘N Things Magic Co. 🙂 (Jay Malbrough – Genii Magazine, November 1977)

A Classic of Magic for a reason! The Chinese Linking Rings and the Cups & Balls rank high as the most abused and misused effects of all time. But when performed correctly they are beautiful – even when you think you know how they are done. I remember seeing Johnny Hart perform these years ago, and it was so very magical – I was convinced he was using a different method!

Includes standard set of 8 rings:

  • 1 Key Ring
  • Set of 3 Rings
  • Set of 2 Rings
  • Single Ring
  • Single Ring
  • Instructions
  • Does not come as standard with the bag that is shown, but you can get one here.

Effect: The Linking Rings, or Chinese Linking Rings, is considered to be a classic of magic. In the traditional effect, solid metal rings appear to link and unlink, pass through each other, form chains and other complex patterns and configurations.

The number of rings used can vary from two, to as many as ten or more. A standard set of commercially available rings typically includes eight rings, and come in a range of sizes, from quite small, to very large.

Text Source: geniimagazine.com - click for details

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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