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Keyrumba (Key Box) by Carl Williams

(c. 1990)
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My favorite Anverdi item is his very clever and perplexing Key Box c. 1982 from almost forty years ago!  Until recently I thought it was at the top of the food chain for effects that became known as The Seven Keys to Baldpate by Annemann and invented by Joseph Kolar c. 1927.  That is until I saw this rare beauty, Keyrumba c. 1990, from the amazing Carl Williams.  And what a stunning beauty it is.  This is part of what Carl Williams had to say when he released it:

KEYRUMBA is the first in a series of electronic magic effects which will be marketed by Custom Magic. We made a decision to enter the electronic magic market to fill an existing void in the area of highly reliable electronic magic apparatus. 

Electronic apparatus sold by Custom Magic is highly reliable, crafted from the finest materials available and designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of a professional performer. Every component used in the assembly of a Custom Magic piece of electronic apparatus has been “burned-in” and a sample tested to destruction to insure that reliable components have been selected for the final assembly.

Custom Magic hopes the introduction of KEYRUMBA into the electronic market has marked the beginning of a new era in the world of electronic magic, a world in which professional performers may appear before an audience knowing their apparatus is indeed the very finest available.

It is a beautiful prop for sure.  Although it is 30 years old and what was state of the art in 1990 is not quite the same today.    It does work reliably but as with anything electronic from this era you do have to take into consideration the age of this prop, and you have to learn how to use it properly.  If you press the button too quickly it can get confused.  But with normal and reasonable usage it works perfectly, read the instructions and get to know the prop and you will be more than satisfied.

The effect is well known but Keyrumba is about as clean as you can get and operates by a hidden remote control so there is no need for the extra box used by Anverdi’s Key BoxKeyrumba comes with eight identical keys and you can use as many or as few as you want for the routine – any one will open the box or not, 100% under your control.

Effect: The beautiful inlaid wooden box is shown and given to the spectator.  Ask them to open the lid and remove the red bag with keys inside.  You then fill the box with cash, as much as you can afford, and as I have experienced the more cash you place in the box the more interested the spectators are 🙂

You explain how none of the keys in the bag will unlock the box, and the only key that will is in your pocket, which you produce and hand it to them so that they can lock the box with the cash inside.  They now mix that key with all of the others and choose all of the keys but one which they place aside for you.  If you have a large audience each member can have a key or if performing to just one person they can keep all the keys but one.

Now the fun begins each spectator gets to use their key to try and unlock the box – whoever opens the box wins the cash – as each key is tried the tension mounts.  But sadly, none of them can open the box.   At any point they can switch their key with the one on the table.  Finally when all of the keys but yours have been tried, you ask them to open the box with your key – remember you never touch the box after you have placed the cash in the box.  Of course your key works and you get to keep the cash and enjoy the applause.

The props supplied are of the highest quality, as expected from the late master craftsman Carl Williams. The chest is perfectly crafted. The inlaid woodwork is beautiful. The set offered is complete with the chest, all the keys, remote, necessary setting tool, and a photocopy of the original instructions and extra tips.

Notice: This uses regular AA and 9 Volt batteries so with luck it will still be working many years from today just as it does now. This version is the improved version released by Carl that no longer uses the unreliable toe switch, but instead uses a pocket toggle switch.  Due to the age the remote is still fairly large but it can be easily secured to your person with the provided straps, behind a prop or in your jacket pocket and the pocket toggle switch means you click once for on and once again for off.  In fact, it is possible to wear the switch inside your jacket sleeve so that the key box can be operated by bending and straightening your arm.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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