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Key Box by Anverdi

(c. 1979)
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The Seven Keys theme was created by Joseph Kolar in 1927, see here for more details.

This has to be my favorite Anverdi effect!  It looks like a standard looking petty cash box – in fact I load it up with cash so it IS a cash box.

I introduce the locked cash box and the smaller box and rattle the smaller box to see if they can guess what is in it – they invariably say coins. So I explain it holds some keys and that only one key, the one with the ribbon, opens the box.  (You could use a key fob and I include one too, but the ribbon is easier to remove). I give this key to the spectator to unlock the box and show all the cash and ask them to lock the box again.  You never need touch the cash box during the whole process – you can direct the spectator to do everything.

I then remove the ribbon and mix up the keys so that no one knows which key opens the box. Then I tell the spectator they have 6 chances out of 7 to choose the correct key, and if they do they can keep all of the cash. This gets them interested for sure.

Each time they chose a key and they try to open the box I ask them to discard the key in the little box so that we know we tried it. They can change their mind as many times as they want and they can try each key as many times as they want – there is no chance that the box will open. But when they finally leave you with one key, they can pick it up and amazingly the box opens.

This is so clean – nothing added or taken away and it just looks as clean as can be.  A real miracle!

Effect: Seven keys are removed from small box. Magician takes one key and shows spectator that it will open and lock chest. This key is then mixed with the other keys. Spectator then cannot open box with any key until the Magician wishes. Magician controls lock on box at all times. This is the finest electronic controlled chest on the market today.

Highly Recommended for Collectors and Performers everywhere!

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