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JJ’s Coin Coalition by John Jurney

(c. 2017)
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These coins are basically a revamped version of Johnny Wong’s ground breaking coins that he began c. 2008 with the Dream Coin Set. This particular set is most like Johnny Wong’s Double Face Super Triple Face coins. Apart from the lack of credit for taking Johnny Wong’s idea, the problem I have with this particular set of coins from John Jurney is that they look like a brass washer with a magnet embedded in the middle – which is what they are – they don’t look like Chinese Coins at all.

Not all of John Jurney’s coins are this unrealistic but these ones are the least convincing as far as changing Dollars to Chinese coins is concerned.

Interestingly enough before Johnny Wong released the Super Triple Double Face he released the Perfect Power 3 (Eisenhower Dollar) and these are almost identical to those.  So if I had these coins I would ignore the fact that they are supposed to look like Chinese coins (which they don’t) and just use them as a Perfect Power 3 coin set.  With that in mind they look and work fine but so do Johnny Wong’s original ones too.  Some people say that Jurney’s coins separate smoother but that is easily remedied with Wong’s coins if you use teflon stickers and/or polish them. Also Jurney’s coins tend to be noisier than Wong’s ones (which are silent).

Effect: Everyone would consider it to be a normal dollar if they see from any possible angles.But it will soon divide into two coins once being held in the performer’s hands, and then again there will be 3 coins. Just in a split of a second it is all back into 1 dollar again, excellent.


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