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It’s All Done With Mirrors by Per Clausen

(c. 1990)
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I’m not sure of the actual name for this effect, but it is basically the exact same chips as Black and White Surprise but the chips turn into mirrors instead of colors at the end. The same moves and gimmicks are used.

Notice: I just added the card with foil to streamline the changes, but it was not part of the original effect and can be omitted if desired.

Effect: In one hand the magician has a green brass chip, the other hand a red one. Both hands are closed and the chips change places. This is repeated several times. The spectators are convinced the chips are red on one side and green on the other.

The Performer now shows a mirror card. He takes the mirror card and places it between the two chips and now when the chips are separated one of the chips has turned to a mirror. The same thing happens when the mirror card is placed between the chips a second time.

For a kicker finale the two chips are turned over and they have mirrors on both sides and the magician states: “It’s all done with Mirrors!” The chips can be handed out to be examined and there is nothing to find.

Can be completely examined at the finish of the effect. Nothing has to be secretly palmed away. This one works itself if you follow the simple directions.

Manufactured in Europe by master craftsmen. Packaged in a foam-filled jewelry box.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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