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Improved Delsey Miracle by Ted Lesley

(c. 1988,1992)
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This incredibly miracle was invented by German Mentalist Ted Lesley and it is the first one I have ever seen. Ted’s inspiration for this effect was Stanton Carlisle who published an effect with a locking briefcase in Peter Warlock’s Pentagram magazine (according to the instructions, though I was unable to find the actual effect in either the original Pentagram or the New Pentagram).   From this germ of an idea Ted Lesley came up with his first 100% non-force method using an electronically gimmicked briefcase.  After a few more years of usage Ted finally arrived at this beautiful improved version that uses no electronics and works quietly and perfectly every time.

When you read the effect the finale will sound similar to Al Koran’s Gold Medallion however, the big difference with the Delsey Miracle is because there are two magical moments there is no heat on the final reveal which seals the complete miracle.  In fact this final version of Ted Lesley’s miracle uses a combination of methods and subtleties that make it seem truly miraculous.  If you were ever to perform this, as Ted did many times, there is no doubt you would leave the audience stunned.

What is particularly amazing with this version that uses zero electronics or remote controls is that the spectator can examine the case until they are blue in the face and when they try to open the case it is locked solid.  They try another number and still nothing and when they finally succeed it opens in their hands and you have not touched the case or gone near it during this time.  The method works perfectly every time and is as quiet as a mouse.  There is absolutely no force and any 3 digit number can be used and it is different for every performance. You will love it. 🙂

You could also use this in conjunction with any effect where a number is used to get to the contents of the case.  And the case is large and durable enough to store your whole act too, it is a real beauty.

Effect: The performer enters with an elegant briefcase and places it on a table saying that his whole act are stored within. The mentalist tries to open the case, but apparently he has forgotten the numbers for the combination lock … So he is unable to do his act! A spectator is called on the stage, to dial any number she fancies, but still the case does not open.

The performer approaches three members of the audience and asks them to call out any number between one and nine, which he writes on a pad with a felt-tipped pen. Let us assume, that the spectator’s have called 3, 5 and 7. The mentalist asks the spectator on stage to try this number on the combination lock … but AGAIN this does not open the briefcase.

The performer tells the audience, that the numbers just called out are very familiar to him and he asks a lady in the audience to arrange the numbers “3”, “5” and “7” in any way she likes The lady says for example “5”, “7” and “3”. The spectator on stage dials this number and this freely selected number opens the case!

In the case is an envelope , which is taken out by the assisting spectator. It contains the instructions, the guarantee-certificate for the case and a stapled or sealed card. This card is opened by the spectator himself on stage and read out.

It says :

There are also two other routines detailed: one by Larry Becker and the other by Ulf Bolling-BORODIN, both fully described.


    • The cleverly gimmicked and automatic Delsey Executive Attache Case
    • Clipboard, pen, stapler.
    • A large supply of fresh guarantee cards.
    • Everything that is needed to perform right out of the box.
    • Detailed instructions, with history, method, multiple routines and extra tips.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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