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Impossible Streamlined by Thomas Pohle

(c. 2018)
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This is the streamlined version of Thomas Pohle’s Impossible – to my mind the streamlined version is actually much better and more magical than the Deluxe version, which I think is six boxes too many ūüôā

With the routine below, based on Joe Long’s alternate handling, you have a really clean routine where the spectator determines where each of five colors are and you end with a successful prediction of the first color they freely choose too.

This is easy and quick to do and leaves a satisfying and colorful display  when you finish.   Reset is quick too, nothing is added or taken away, and there are no tricky moves.

I love this version!

Effect: This is a multi-phase effect:

  • You start by showing a unique pentagram shaped platform and six face down chips laid out on the table.
  • You turn the platform upside down which reveals five different colors which you then proceed to cover again and spin the pentagram around so no one knows where any color is.
  • You now remove one of the six chips and place it face down in the center of the pentagram.¬† You then ask the spectator to choose any chip left on the table (no force) which you say you are going to mark.¬† This chosen chip is placed on the pentagram and marked with a coin (I use a Chinese coin, but any sort of marker could be used so that the spectator remembers which chip they chose first.¬† An amulet or small spiritual object might be more appropriate.)
  • With the remaining four chips you ask where the spectator wants to place each one (no force).
  • When finished you reveal the four chips without the marker and show that each and every one matches the color on the pentagram.
  • Now you reveal the chip with the marker and that also matches the location on the pentagram like the other four chips.
  • Finally, the chip that that was placed in the center is turned over and that too also matches the marked chip to make for a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful effect.


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