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Illusion Practice Blocks (China Computer) by Thomas Pohle, Eckhard Boettcher

(c. 1984)
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The inventor of this effect was the German Paul Corduan (17. Februar 1894 – 4. Januar 1961). His stage name was “Doc Corten”. First sold by the German dealer Heinz Jacobi under the name “Corduan-Verwandlungswürfel” (translation: Corduan Change Dice).

Thomas Pohle created his first version of this effect when working with Eckhard Boettcher who provided the routines c . 1984. Over the years Thomas has created a number of versions and this is the prettiest version I have seen. These are probably from his earlier time with Eckhard but I am not sure precisely what year these were made.

The professionally translated instructions (so you can understand them!) feature three routines, and I based my routine on parts of a lesser known routine where you use these blocks as practice blocks for illusions such as the Mis-Made Lady and any Divided Lady effect.

The method is very clever and easy to do but if you don’t read the instructions on how to do it you might do it the wrong way (as I did for years). By referring to the parts of the assistant (head, body and legs) the effect becomes more interesting to the spectator. Now that I’ve spent the time to work on the routine I like it even more – who knew reading the instructions could bring so much enlightenment 🙂

Effect: No matter how the numbers are stacked the numbers always rearrange to 1-2-3. What is particularly cool about this effect in all of its versions is that there are no shells or add on pieces, nothing it taken away or added, there are no covers or slides or even catches to release things. A very unique principle.

The performer introduces the blocks and says they are used to practice big stage sized illusions such as the mis-made lady so that you can do the practice before you start to dismember the actual assistant – it saves a lot in hospital bills and law suits.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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