Sat October 23, 2021 12:56 PM CDT

Hop, Skip & Jump by 3D Magic Works

(c. 2016)
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Out of stock


Kent Bergmann is back with his amazing new line of magic: 3D Magic Works and the very positive reviews are flowing in.

Another clever paddle item from Kent with spots jumping around and as a finale ending up on a separate blank plaque. Another nice looking effect with custom stand to hold all the pieces neatly together on the shelf.

Effect: A stand holding two paddles and two blanks is presented. The two paddle are removed and are shown front and back, one has a black spot on each side and the other has an empty hole on both sides. One of the black spots will “Hop” to one of the empty holes of the other paddle and then the other black spot will “Hop” over leaving a black spot in each of the previously empty holes on one paddle and an empty hole on both sides of the other which previously had two black spots. The paddle with the empty holes on both sides is placed back into the stand and “Skipped” in the next portion of the routine. The two blanks are removed from the stand are shown to have empty holes on one side, the spectator is asked to simply select one of the blocks. The paddle with the black spots on both sides is tapped against the selected block where the spectator instantly sees the visible black spot disappear. The paddle is now shown to have a black spot on just one side now and an empty hole on the other. The spectator turns over the selected block to now see that a black spot has now “jumped” to the once empty hole.

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.

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