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Haunted Key Deluxe by Murphy’s Magic Supplies

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A precursor of this trick can be seen in a fortune telling method dating back at least to the 1800’s. A large key is bound tightly between the pages of a Bible, with the grip of the key sticking out at the top. Two people extend their forefingers to support the key and Bible, each placing a fingertip under one side of the key grip. They would then ask a question, and the key and Bible would turn to indicate a letter, number, yes or no.

This is described in W(illiam). H(enry). Cremer’s The Secret Out (1871, p. 223). Since Cremer’s books were mainly compilations of earlier writings, this idea is probably much older. In Eugene Burger’s Spirit Theater, 1986, p. 136, Bruce Bernstein gives some further history on this idea, and suggests using just the key on two fingertips.

This is a good quality key for a very reasonable price available from your favorite Murphy’s Dealer.

Effect: The Haunted Key is a classic of magic.. and for good reason, It looks like REAL Magic!

Murphy’s Magic is proud to present the Haunted Key Deluxe!

Imagine placing an old Key on the palm of your hand and without any strings, wires,magnets, electronics, etc. the key starts to move on its own!!! Turning 180 degrees right in the palm of your hand!! A seriously spooky and mystifying effect that can be handed out at any time for complete inspection. You need no body-hook-ups, no extragimmicks and there are no lighting issues.

The problem with most haunted keys is that they don’t look old or “Haunted”… The Haunted Key Deluxe looks and feels the part.

Also, included is a full tutorial on bonus effects that can be performed with the Haunted Key Deluxe. With some of these effects you may need extra items to perform with.

The Haunted Key Deluxe fits right into your pocket and can be performed in many different environments, making this one of the most versatile gimmicks you can have on you.

  • Aged Patina
  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Large Size
  • Multi-Effect Tutorial
  • Fits in Pocket
  • Take Anywhere

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