Gillyman, The by Alan Warner

(c. 2008)
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Aside from the usual beautiful craftsmanship that Alan brings to all of his works of art, this effect intrigues me because of the clever double prediction that Alan uses. You start by placing a prediction box in front of a spectator and showing four stacks of Egyptian-themed puzzles and ask the spectator to select one. There is a basic force involved but because the piles are in random order, they complete the puzzle after the selection providing a useful time delay, and the fact that next phase is so strong it goes by unnoticed.

Once the spectator has selected their pile (which can be different for repeat performances) they are then asked to complete the puzzle from the pieces. There are only four pieces so this doesn’t take very long. You also go ahead and piece together the other three stacks that were not chosen, just to show they were different, and add some extra interest to the effect. You then ask the spectator to select any piece from their chosen puzzle. There is no force and they can freely choose any piece and change their minds if they want to. When they are done, the Magician just tips out the draw from the prediction box and inside the draw is the same puzzle, with the exact same piece missing too. This is a very clean piece of magic to end this double prediction.

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The performer opens an ornate box which contains four sets of small wooden tablets, each of which is housed individually in slots, and another smaller, curious-looking decorated box or cover. He then removes the smaller box and places it on the table. Next he removes the four sets of tablets and places them face down on the table in front of a spectator who is then asked to select one of these sets. After the spectator has made his selection, the performer turns the remaining three sets face up to reveal that each of these sets is actually a miniature puzzle, made up of four equal quarters.

Each individual puzzle features a different, Egyptian-themed picture. While the performer is piecing together the other three puzzles, he asks the spectator to turn his puzzle face up and then assemble the pieces correctly to make a complete picture. The performer then requests the spectator to remove any one of the four quarters that have made up his (the spectator’s) completed puzzle. After doing so, the spectator can be given an opportunity to change his selection for one of the other pieces in his puzzle. The performer now draws attention to the smaller box which proves to be a wooden cover inside of which is a tray.

Picking up the cover, the performer removes the tray to reveal that it contains a puzzle, one piece of which is missing. AMAZINGLY, THE PUZZLE IN THE TRAY MATCHES THE PICTURE SELECTED BY THE SPECTATOR WITH THE SAME QUARTER PIECE MISSING FROM IT!

The large box, which measures 6 x 3.75 x 1.75 inches (approx.), features a geometric, pyramid-style design on its lid and is lined with green velour. It is veneered in sapele and then hand-polished. The smaller box, or cover, and its tray are made in teak. The cover measures 2.5 x 1.5 inches (approx.). Complete with the Alan Warner routine involving an Egyptian Gillyman’s presentation of this effect.

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