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Ghost Glass (Ghost Card) by Jack Hughes

(c. 1945)
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This is another rare Jack Hughes classic and is a great way to finish Card Go.

It is a great idea, but I found this a little tricky to do smoothly but we’ll see how it looks in the video after I’ve had some more practice.  It could easily be the age of the unit (almost 80 years!).

Effect: A playing card is vanished (using Card Go or other method). A tumbler is shown empty and placed onto a thin tray. The whole apparatus is then covered with a large silk. When the silk is removed the vanished card is seen to be inside the tumbler on the tray and can be removed and passed for examination. 

Effect 2:
A rising card effect can also be worked with this apparatus. You do not need the tumbler. Ribbon spread two rows of cards across the tray, cover the tray with a silk, then push the card up from the flap in the usual manner. Ask a member of your audience to grip the ghost like object and lift it away slowly as you close the flap. Place tray down and lift silk away to reveal card.


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