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Ghost Dust (Geister-Staub, Geisterstaub) by Heinz Lurz

(c. 1978,1983,1992)
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This effect was created by Heinz Lurz c. 1978.  It was also made by Tony Lackner for Harold Voit c. 1983 and released again by Eckhard Boettcher c. 1992.  This is the original version created  by Heinz Lurz.

It is a variation of Dr. Jaks’ Supersonic Card Prediction with a number of clever ruses that make it quite different from the original.

Enjoy John Mendoza’s email description below as I think John explains it perfectly:

Effect:  This unusual title translates from German to Ghost Dust, and it is appropriate for the presentation. This is essentially an elegant micro-version of Dr. Jaks’ Supersonic Prediction. But, the German creator, Heinz Lurz has added an charming and mysterious additional effect to the trick. If you are familiar with the Jaks’ trick, you’ll have no problem with this.

The magician talks about a vial of an unusual substance he purchased at an old antique shop. The owner advised him it contained Ghost Dust! He later found out what it does.

He then opens a tiny parchment and inside is a small card. He shows it blank on both sides, taking care not to actually touch it by using tweezers. He replaces the card in the parchment and asks a spectator to place a finger on it to assure he doesn’t as much as touch it from here on in.

Now, he assembles a tiny elegant wooden stand and then shows ten playing cards to be different and places them in the stand. He then turns the stand so the backs of the cards face the spectator. He then asks for a number from 1 to 10, inclusive, advising that any number can be chosen, even 1 or 10.

The number is given and he fairly counts to that number and removes the card from the stand with the tweezers. He then turns the stand so the cards face the spectator and places the chosen card back in place, back toward the audience.

He reiterates what has happened and then sprinkles some Ghost Dust on the parchment. The spectator opens it and now the card has the name of a card inside a heart in red ink! The chosen card is turned face out and it is the same card! It’s a charming presentation with an added effect.

The set is absolutely gorgeous. Includes the wood stand, which breaks down, ten miniature cards, parchment, tweezers, vial and blank card, plus a fitted cushioned box to protect the set. In addition, it includes the original instructions but, as mentioned, they are in German. A very rare and fabulous piece of micro magic that you’ll probably really perform.

(Notice: this comes with the original German instructions and a fairly poor Google translation, but it is pretty straightforward to understand once you have the props in your hand.)

Text Source: John Mendoza - 2019

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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