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Frozen in Time (New visual) by Masuda

(c. 1990,2018)
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Out of stock


This original version of Frozen in Time was created by the Japanese Close-up performer and inventor Katsuya Masuda in 1990. Along with many other clever effects Masuda has been at the forefront of innovative magic for over 30 years. 

I love this effect!  It looks so good and is surprisingly easy to do. There was recently a high-tech version of this effect with remote control released, but frankly this works so well and is easy to do I don’t think it is worth the extra expense or hassle of having one more thing that can go wrong in your show.

Effect: A magician shows a picture of a pocket watch which is sealed inside a lucite block. The lucite block is kept in a transparent plastic cover. A black spot on the plastic cover hides the watch face so that no can see when the watch was photographed. The magician asks a spectator to name any hour. (This is not the magician’s choice or a force.) Then the lucite block is removed from the cover revealing that the watch displays the same hour as the spectator’s choice.

Frozen in Time allows you to predict a randomly selected time with nothing more complicated than a photograph. No electronics, no complicated gimmicks. Comes complete with picture in lucite block, transparent cover and instruction sheet.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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