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Frozen In Time 2.0 – The Swedish Touch by Lars-Peter Loeld, Masuda

(c. 2021)
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I’ve always liked Masuda’s Frozen in Time, but this latest update using ideas from Swedish Mentalist Lars-Peter Loeld really turns this is to a real miracle because the frame can be fully examined by the audience.

It is easy to do and you’ll no doubt love this as so many others already do.

Effect: It was back in 1998, Katsuya Masuda from Japan first performed this piece of magic on television. Since then it has become one of those legendary masterpieces, that are still performed on daily basis by performers all over the world. Now it is back – and with a very nice special “Swedish Touch” by well known and respected mentalist – Lars-Peter Loeld.

You show an envelope and state it got a very special prediction inside. A spectator freely names any favorite full hour of the day. The envelope is opened and inside is a sealed transparent frame with an old photo of a pocket watch, showing exactly the chosen hour! And then… the frame can be handed over for examination! The envelope is empty and your spectators will have no chance to figure out how…!

This outstanding piece of magic produces a deep impact on your entire audience. Even other magicians will not believe what they have just see. Even those who know the old secret will be fooled by the Swedish Touch.

The whole concept using using a paper photo as a predictions got a huge impact. This frame is thick and super-clear acrylic. Real screws are used to securely secure the frame on each corner. Everything about this item got a luxurious feel.

Frozen in Time 2.0 – The Swedish Edition…

  • Is upgraded thanks to a Swedish magician, Mr. Lars-Peter Loeld brilliant idea.
  • Can be handed out and fully examined by the spectators.
  • Has the highest quality in terms of appearance, mechanism and structure.
  • Comes in a nice box, ready to use with several envelopes and clear online instruction in English.

“I love to see a magic effect that has it all, beautifully made, fantastic effect and fully examinable. I am proud to own one. You created a pearl.” – Tim Star

“I love this! It’s so beautifully made and diabolically clever. Making everything fully examinable has taken what was already a really great trick and turned it into an impenetrable mystery of the highest order. Excellent thinking.” – Marc Paul

“Lars-Peter has applied his incisive thinking to Masuda’s ‘Frozen in Time’ and turned a brilliant trick into a brilliant worker’s trick. The concept was always fantastic, and this new edition makes the method bullet-proof, allowing complete examinability of the prop. The result is that the performer can concentrate his full efforts on crafting a mind-bending routine to do this delightful effect justice, secure in the knowledge that the prop is as practical as it is intriguing. Very highly recommended.” – Mark Elsdon  

“An already great piece of art have become even better. I am delighted!” – Tom Stone

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