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Friends by Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 1995)
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Created by Nick Ruggiero and Rich Bloch from an idea by Woody Pitman.  This is another of the amazing effects created by Nick and Rich in the early days of Collectors’ Workshop and for some reason has not been remade since George Robinson took over, and so they are quite rare now.  Although the effect is similar (particularly to the spectator) to CW’s other coin routine, Coin Classic, this method is very different.  There is no deck of cards between the glasses and the glasses and coins can be minutely examined as they are not gimmicked.

There is a sophisticated mechanism involved that makes the whole thing work, but in looking at the props you would never guess and it creates a very effective and deceptive presentation.  A little audacious to be sure, but some of CW’s best items are.  This is one that will most certainly fool them and with a little practice to get the timing right you’ll have a real treat on your hands, and you’ll love the method too 🙂

John M. Talbot, the guy who creates some of the best instructions for Magic Wagon, had a few ideas to add to my presentation which I include here (with his permission):

“Hi Andy,

I liked you anniversary patter theme. In fact I would be tempted to put a penny, nickel, dime and quarter in the change with dates that corresponded to my first, fifth, tenth and 25th anniversary as another little talking point.  In fact, better still add a few coins from other countries and mention anniversaries spent there. Pull out the penny, nickel, dime and quarter and reference the milestone dates on these coins you’ve saved as special mementos.

Perform the effect:

  • Start with the penny…”Could only afford pizza and beer, but a wonderful night”…. Clink….
  • Next the nickel… “Night at the local fancy restaurant, think they gave us a free dessert”…Clink…
  • Now the dime… “An overnight trip to the big city… what a wonderful time we had”…Clink…
  • Finally the quarter… “Wow 25 years… did it right in Vegas… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Remove the glasses and slide out the coins… “I truly hope you continue to make these special moments in your lives as magical as you can…. Don’t let them pass uncelebrated ….

Cheers! (lift up one glass)
– end –

Great parlor piece I think!”

Effect: Performer displays a beautiful walnut carrying case with two crystal goblets residing within. The goblets are removed and placed on the table. “These glasses were a gift to my wife and me” says the performer. “They were ceremonial glasses, of a sort. On special occasions, we were told we should use the glasses to drink a special toast or commemorate a special moment. I found, however, that the glasses themselves had a remarkable quality. Let me demonstrate by borrowing coins from you, my friends.”

At this, the performer borrows several finger coins from spectators. They may be marked. He places them, openly, in one of the glass goblets and covers it with a silk handkerchief. The other goblet is then placed underneath the handkerchief, on top of the first goblet. “We often speak of the power of friendship, but never before has it become so visibly, or perhaps we should say “audibly” potent.” Gesturing over the stacked glasses, the performer causes the first of the coins to penetrate from the top to the bottom glass. There is an audible “clink” as the item penetrates. This is repeated until each (up to four) of the coins have been transposed. The handkerchief is removed, and the spectators are allowed to remove the top glass and retrieve their monies from the lower glass.

No sleights – the glasses will withstand the most meticulous examination

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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