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Flight of Gold (Flyaway Discs) by Alan Warner

(c. 1972)
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This effect was renamed Flyaway Discs in December 1972 as Alan realized it clashed with the name of an effect called “Flight of Gold” released by Roy Roth of R.A.R. Magic (c. 1970).

Flight of Gold is a rare effect from the very first year Alan began his Mini-Magic business in 1972.  It appears that Alan sold this for just about a year ending in late 1973 because it was never advertised again and did not appear in any of Alan’s Catalogs. 

It was not made in teak or brightly colored as his other items in his fledgling Mini-Magic line and is the only effect that I can think of that featured gimmicks made from metal.  Nearly all of his other effects have been primarily created from wood which was either left natural or painted in bright colors.

It is a clever item that is easy to do and although there are a couple of moves I would not call them sleights and everything is routined smoothly to keep the heat off the action. I chose to add a couple of extra items instead of the pen that is suggested in the original instructions as you can see in the video.

I’ve only ever seen one other of these before which is featured in George Guerra’s collection so if you are an Alan Warner collector you are in luck.


  • Wooden Board with three Silver Discs and Gimmick.
  • Gold Disc and Gimmick.
  • Orange Silk.
  • Gold and Silver loops as shown in the video.
  • Bag to protect the apparatus.
  • Full instructions.

Effect: The performer shows a thin board, mounted on which are three silver-coloured discs which are identical in design. Placing the board upside-down on the table, he then takes his wallet from his pocket and removes a fourth disc which is different from the others only in that it is a golden-colour.

A spectator’s pocket handkerchief is borrowed and the golden disc is wrenped within its folds. The wrapped handkerchief containing the golden disc is then returned to the spectator for safe-keeping.

Using a pen, the performer now “draws a line” from the handkerchief to the upturned board on the table – this invisible line, he claims, will create a very strange effect – and he asks the spectator to check to see that he still holds the golden disc.

This is the basic effect of ‘Flight of Gold”, in the instructions we also give details of a version for use in a close-up children’s show – a routine which utilizes the bag. which we supply to carry and protect the apparatus, and involves two children as assistants. Some first-rate “bits of business” make up this routine, the climax of which takes place in the children’s own hands

A GREAT EFFECT for either children or adults.

FLIGHT OF GOLD – the discs precision made in brass and aluminium – comes complete with a gold-colored bag and full instructions.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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