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Flight of Fancy by David Regal

(c. 1999,2018)
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This is a wonderful routine that was first detailed in David Regal’s book Close-up and Personal.  David produced a limited release of pre-made up versions ready to perform c. 2018 which quickly sold out, and this set is from that release.

It does use two gimmicked decks that can only be used for this effect,  but they are used in such away to produce an incredibly clean transposition of a freely chosen card from one deck to the other. The effect is quick to reset and has a different outcome each time it is performed.  It would be really hard to achieve this effect by any other means than real magic as the cards appear to be handled so cleanly.

Effect: A red and blue deck are shown.  The blue deck is placed, still in its case, in front of the spectator to the right of the performer.  The red deck is removed from the case and spread on the table so that it can be clearly seen to be a full deck of 52 different cards.  The spectator to the left freely chooses one and looks at it and freely replaces it back inside the deck.  There appears to be a 100% free choice of what card is chosen and where it is replaced in the deck. The spectator does not reveal the name of the card and just thinks of it.

The performer attempts to read the spectators mind and pretends to pull one card from the red deck and tosses it towards the encased blue deck.  He now opens the blue deck and spreads it face down and there is one face down red card shown.  He does not turn it over at this time, but instead spreads the red deck on the table face-up asking if they see their though of card – it has vanished.

Now the spectator pulls out the red card that has appeared in the blue deck and for the very first time names the card they chose, and then turns over the card.  It is their named card.


  • Any Card is Selected
  • No Force, No Control, No Moves
  • Just a Toss
  • Simple To Perform
  • Strong Enough To Close Your Act

“Flight of Fancy” consists of a beautiful and mystifying transposition of a single card from a blue-backed deck over to a red-backed deck; the preparation for this yields a stunning and visually dramatic effect.

(_JS June 1999)

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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