First Class (#5 of 30) + Custom Case by 3D Magic Works

(c. 2018)
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Estimated: $269 - $500
Item condition: New

Winning Bid: $245.00


This is the first Limited Edition release from the amazing Kent Bergmann’s 3D Magic Works and what a beauty it is. Kent has barely been in business for two years, and already there is no other magic manufacturer that gets close to the Digital Printed marvels that he produces. Aimed squarely at the Magic Collector there are only 30 numbered sets of First Class and each set includes genuine USPS Limited Edition “Art of Magic” postage stamps to add to the exclusivity.

First Class is the most expensive effect Kent has produced to date, but when you look at the individual pieces it represents amazing value for what you receive. Many people believe with Digital Printing you just press a button and out pops the finished article. This could not be further from the truth and Kent details some of the process here. Digital Printing certainly makes it easier to reproduce the same pieces accurately and consistently, but it takes real attention to detail to produce such wonderful effects as these.

With First Class the spectator picks any of five beautiful “Art of Magic” stamps and places the chosen one into the Outgoing Mailbox. After emptying the five Incoming Mailboxes of their white envelopes, they are clearly empty and closed up. Then the stamp disappears from the Outgoing box and appears in the correct Incoming box, and just in case the spectators were wondering what appears in the other boxes they all now have uniquely colored envelopes themselves.

This first Limited Edition sold out within a couple of days, and based on the quality and value of this set keep an eye open on Kent’s site because I’m sure the next miracle will be snapped up even quicker next time!

Also included is the custom case to store all the pieces. At the end of last year Kent Bergmann released his first Limited Edition item First Class and what an amazing beauty it was. Easily the most involved 3D Magic effect I have ever seen. It required so many pieces that Kent just released a custom case that would hold all of the pieces neatly in place. The original First Class featuring 30 units sold out within a few days, and everyone but one of the purchasers opted for this case too. I feel sorry for the one person who didn’t – I’m pretty sure he will regret that decision over time 🙁

This is not a magic trick in itself, but the way it fits all of the pieces so well, in a relatively small box is quite magical. There are very few dealers around that spend this much time and take this sort of care for simply the presentation and storage of an effect, particularly when you look at how much work is involved in creating these cases. Kent is here to stay and he is producing some amazing magic, but he is already retiring some products so make sure you get over there now before all the best items have gone!

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