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Final Card by Dave Powell

(c. 2014)
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Variations of the Final Card effect have been around at least as early as 1930.  I found an advert from the Gamages Catalog for Final Selection c. 1930.  Abbott’s released The Last Card devised by Roydon c. 1945 and Jack Hughes produced his improvement c. 1946. This method/refinement for this version was invented by the prolific English inventor and creator Eric C. Lewis c. 1947. It is described starting on page 227 in Eric’s wonderful book A Continuation of Miracles. Until now, the most common modern release using Eric’s method was from Milson-Worth.

With this release Dave Powell has created an excellent version of this prop, surpassing even Milson-Worth’s version.  It is a wonderful, bright and colorful effect which is easy to do and looks very clean.  The spectator really can shuffle and examine the deck and they have a 100% free choice of any of the 16 cards placed in the four colored zones.

Effect: Note: This is not just a simple force of a card. The deck is a regular deck, shuffled by the spectator. They pick colors and cards in any order they choose and you eliminate those cards, this is not an OK, you choose that color we’ll leave that and take these kind of trick. A Diabolically Clever Hidden Secret in the Color Wheel does the Work for You! No Forcing the Selection of Colors, it is a Completely Free Choice.

The magician shows an envelope he says contains a prediction. A regular ungimmicked deck of cards is shown and thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. A painted wooden disc is shown on both sides and placed in full view on a wooden easel. From the shuffled deck four cards are added to each clip on the color wheel.

As the spectators choose a color all the cards on that color are discarded until only one color with cards is left. The cards on that color are separated and each of those four cards is placed under a clip on the color wheel. Now the spectators repeat picking a color and the card from that color is discarded until only one card remains. The card is turned over and revealed it matches the prediction card in the envelope perfectly.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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