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Fifi The Card Pecker by Jack Hughes

(c. 1974)
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First there was Otto, then Jo-Anne and Gwendolyn, and along with many others I finally have tracked down Jack Hughes’ wonderful Fifi 🙂

Fifi is bold and beautiful and quite a lot larger than the modern day standard duck: Warren Hamilton’s Jo-Anne, though they both weigh about the same (approximately  1 lb.), and I’ve included a photo at the end for comparison.

Fifi uses a different approach to picking the cards, with no moving parts or stickness, which works surprisingly well – I had a few issues at first until I got the knack of it.  It is easier to grab more than one card, but that is true of all ducks depending on the state of the cards.  Fifi is designed for bridge sized playing cards (which I include) – many items from the UK use bridge sized decks because that was certainly much more common last century (and I expect it still is).

I do think the colors and size make Fifi a little more fun, but as I have mentioned before the Card Duck appeal primarily stems from the interaction of the performer with the duck – it could be a sock puppet and you could get just as much out of it.  But for collectors Fifi will look amazing in your collection 🙂

Effect: This is one bird all the boys fancy. She will put into the club act and fun into the kiddies show. Fifi is the sauciest looking weirdo bird you ever saw. When it comes to sophisticated humour she is absolutely right for the patter boys. She is not only pretty she performs as well, card tricks. If you drop a pack of cards into her feeding pail she will pull them out one at a time till the cows come home.

The routines that can be worked out with Fifi are endless.

From a technical point of view she is very strongly made, extremely attractive, hand painted in bright colours and also her mechanism for picking up the cards is absolutely positive, no magnets, no threads and no adhesive. A new idea which is first class.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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