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Famous Quotations by Steve Dusheck

(c. 1994)
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This is Steve Dusheck’s entry in the Book Test market and it was inspired by effects created by Phil Goldstein and Larry Becker. Very well produced A little bold, but some of the best magic is.

The book cannot be examined, but if you follow Steve’s simple suggestions and routine you have in your hands a clean and convincing book test that will fool even the most knowledgeable spectators and some magicians too 🙂

Effect: A member of the audience is handed a book of famous quotations. The book is opened to any page and the spectator is asked to think of any word on the page. Now you are able to reveal the word thought of by the spectator. Nothing is written down and you don’t force the word which is selected.

After revealing the word thought of, you recite the complete quotation and name the person who said it. If you wish, you can also predict the specific word in the quotation which the spectator will choose.

This 104 page hardcover book does all the work for you. All you need add is the presentation. This is the way a real mind reader would do a book test.

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