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ESP Chips by Per Clausen

(c. 2005)
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More solid brass chip magic from the Danish chip master himself: Per Clausen.

Effect: You present five cards with the ESP symbols (circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star) and ask the spectator to choose one of the cards. The chosen card is placed on the table with the back upwards. Then you show three chips – and clearly let the audience know and see that they are all white on both sides.

The spectator chooses one of the chips. The card is turned – the spectator has chosen the cross. The chosen chip is turned and now there is a cross on one of the white sides. You show the two other chips – they are now turned into green. If a chip is not the lucky selected chip, he obviously decides to advocate for the “green” movement. You ask the spectator if he/she thinks if it is a good trick. The answer should be “yes” and you reply: “Don’t praise the chips too much – that causes the chips to blush”. When saying that you turn all three chips and reveals three red backs. The spectators would really like to touch the magic chips -just let them have a closer look on both the cards and the chips.

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