Elevator Dice by Eddy Taytelbaum

(c. 1969)
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What an absolutely stunning version of this popular effect. Holding Eddy’s props in your hands is already magical enough, but when you watch Dominique Duvivier’s incredible performance (from the 3 DVD set Intimiste) it really inspires you to raise your game. Two dice magically move up and down through a stack when covered by a small tube. Tube stands 4″ high.

Everything about this beautiful prop screams quality. The finish and weight of the dice are perfect. This is the sort of magic that makes collecting so worthwhile and addictive!

Effect: A square tube is displayed and the performer drops the two cubes in the tube, followed by the die, but when the tube is lifted, the die has traveled to the bottom. Again this is repeated and the die has traveled to the bottom again. This time the performer drops the two cubes into the tube and vanishes the die. When the tube is lifted, the die has reappeared sandwiched between the two cubes. The props may be handed out for examination.

The tube is beautifully laminated on all sides. The tube measures 1” square and 3-3/4″ tall. The cubes are 3/4″ square. The black lines on the cubes are all inlaid. The dice are also 3/4″ square.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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