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Egyptian Open Perceptions by Cesaral

(c. 2010)
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Cesaral Open Perceptions is easily the best version of this type of effect I have seen. Performed well it is completely impossible to fathom. It is very reliable and works very cleanly. The big issue I have with it is that as it arrives you have to do some work to come up with a clean presentation. You have to find a box or a card case or something to store the transmitter in, and you have to find somewhere to jam the receiver. And when you spend this sort of cash you shouldn’t have to worry about such things. Even if you use the ink stamp, which is an optional extra, you still have to carry around an ink pad (for the stamp) and have somewhere to put the receiver.

When I received this I set about to find the perfect container that could hold everything I needed to perform the effect and be central to the effect too – to justify the box in the first place. I tried about 10 different containers but each of them had issues – too big, too small, not very impressive, etc. When I found this Cold Cast Bronze trinket box with Isis, the Eye of Horus and a Scarab beautifully decorating the box I was sure I had found the perfect device. I was able to quickly gimmick the transmitter so that it could be placed at in the bottom of the box without suspicion. The trinket box cannot be thoroughly examined on the inside, but it will withstand a cursory glance when you look inside. With more effort you could make it more permanent, but given that the box is just used to hold the items you are using there is no heat on it and I have not seen a reason to take it to the next level. But you could if you desired.

Effect: Here is the effect as I perform it. You introduce the beautiful Egyptian Trinket Box and say that it has mystic powers to magnify people’s thoughts which can be picked up by sensitive individuals. You than remove two decks of cards and some empty envelopes. You give the spectator a choice of decks (magician’s choice) and they remove the cards from the chosen deck and give the cards a shuffle. With your back turned they remove any card from the deck and place it inside an envelope and place it on the table. This is repeated with as many spectators as you desire. Up to five works perfectly. In each case they have a 100% free choice of card that they choose from the deck in their hands and no one sees card but them. When it comes to freely choosing a card there is no cleaner way. Remember you are looking away this whole time.

Once each spectator has safely chosen their card and secured them in the opaque envelopes you turn around and pick-up each envelope one by one and wave it over the the Trinket Box for Isis to get an impression. In fact, if you desire, you don’t have to do this and you can have the spectator do this. It is a personal preference. Either way you can name directly or remove a card from the second deck and in all cases you are 100% correct. There is nothing to see or explain this amazing miracle – except for some powerful mind reading thanks to Isis!

This uses Bicycle brand cards and each card has professional chipped – the finished deck is slightly thicker (due to the chips) than a normal deck by about 8 cards and I normally just remove 8 cards but I’m pretty sure no one would ever notice. The scanning perimeter for the receiver is pretty wide and waving the envelope anywhere near the box works perfectly. You have options whether you wave the envelope or the spectator does – the receiver remembers them all and you can easily cycle through the choices. Comes with the optional stamp too, but this is probably not something I would use particularly as it requires carrying around an ink pad too.

But this is a beautiful outfit and everything fits neatly inside the box. The rechargeable batteries keep their charge for months, and are very reliable.

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