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Dusheck’s (#5) Close-up Magic by Steve Dusheck

(c. 1994)
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Effect: 36 original tricks from the brilliant mind of Steve Dusheck. Here is your chance to learn and perform some really different close-up magic. For his first effect, Steve explains how to tell a person’s fortune using numerology. When a spirit message successfully appears on your business card, people will want to keep your card. Steve has other great close-up magic with thread, dollar bills, ashes, keys, dice, straws, match packs and much more. For the first time in print he reveals his Universal Gimmick. This is a book full of material you will use. It’s great. 166 pages; Hardbound. Other books in this series can be seen here.


Dedication: to Hank Lee
Foreword: by Tony Baronio, 31 July 1994

1 No Apologies: a fortune is told with a business card and a presentation based on numerology (uses Out to Lunch principle)
8 Burnt and Restored Thread: a thread is burnt with a match, and then is restored
11 Pushover: a paper is torn up by a spectator, placed on the end of a pushpin, and restored
16 Collapse-A-Pill Cup: a clever approach to a portable Chop Cup
21 Gremlin: a variation of Glorpy – an object beneath a handkerchief comes alive!
27 Gone: a silk is pushed into a cylinder with the aid of a pen. When the cylinder is opened, the silk has vanished.
30 Snapola: a “dot” is smacked with a playing card and penetrates a small box
33 Don Qhiholey: a hole in a business card moves to different locations on the card
37 Rubik’s Miracle: a key-chain sized Rubik’s cube instantly solves itself
41 Chipstick: three Bingo chips cling from the magician’s hand, but don’t once they are in the hands of the spectator.
44 Pierced: a knife is pushed through a folded dollar bill but the bill remains unharmed
49 Patrick’s Paddle: Paddle trick. Shamrock turns into a leprechaun, then the paddle is unfolded into a fan!
52 Disco Deception: a sort of three card Monte with three circles
57 Teariffic: The corner is torn from a dollar and the pieces shown in two separate hands, then the dollar is restored
64 Fruited Plain: a quick sponge ball trick with the sponge balls acting as cherries
66 Unpredictable: a comedy mentalism bit plays fun on one of the spectators (choose wisely)
68 Dice-O-Matic: A large die turns into many miniature ones
72 Pezazz: a lighter turns into a Pez dispenser
74 Universal Gimmick: a clever tool to use where you might use a Pull, Reel, etc.
87 Curtain Time: a quicky – borrowed finger ring on pen
90 Rattle Cans: a great variation of the Rattle Bars that can fool those in the know
94 Ring Pull: making a practical ring pull for the Ring Flight routine; in this one the ring ends up in a seashell
100 Ashes to Ashes: Ashes turn into a number or symbol on your business card
103 Keys and Cash: a dollar vanishes from a clear plastic case held by the spectator under a handkerchief and appears somewhere else
107 Silence is Golden: a gold nugget is shaken in a case and makes a racket. When the spectator shakes it, however, it is silent.
109 Dice Force: Several ideas on using a dice force
114 Cut, Restored & Examined: a dollar bill is cut with scissors and appears in two pieces, then is restored
121 The Pretzel: rubber band off pencil
124 Beady: great idea! Performer instantly solves “ball in the hole puzzles” behind his back and beats the spectator
128 Bugged: as part of a mental effect a spectator holds the stem taken from a piece of fruit, but ends up holding a rubber bug
131 Quite Quiet: a dollar bill tossed on the ground moves by itself
136 Rat Pack: a gag. A lighter held in front of someone who needs their cigarette lit turns out not to be a lighter
139 Very Close: Even though a pin penetrates two dollar bills, one of the bill can be moved about without tearing or other harm
146 Poor George: George Washington on the dollar bill gets a nose that lights up red on command
151 Last Straw: spectator always gets the short straw
153 Two Tricks at Once: ring off shoelace and shoelace changes color!
156 Close-Up Magic (Questions and Answers): Steve answers questions about Close-Up magic such as comparing it to other forms, the use of gimmicks, carrying your show, and more
167 About the Author: short bio with picture of Steve Dusheck
168 About the Editor/Publisher: short bio of Jim Klein w/o photo

  • Publisher: American Magic Company
  • Pages: 168
  • Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA
  • Edited by: James M. Klein
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1994
  • Binding: hardbound

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