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Dusheck’s (#3) Card Magic by Steve Dusheck

(c. 1992)
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Effect: The Thomas Edison of magic presents a unique book of over thirty new card routines. These tricks are in the Dusheck style, as many of them employ trick cards and gimmicks that the author teaches you how to make yourself. This easy to read hardbound volume includes many fine illustrations.


  • Cards can rise in a glass or disappear from a fan of cards.
  • Learn a card prediction that will amaze any audience.
  • Perform a Brainwave routine in which every card is seen.
  • Two cards with holes in them change places.
  • A card freely selected from a deck rises or jumps from the deck.
  • Learn to do an easy one-card brainwave routine.
  • Perform a Zig-Zag card effect with an examinable card.
  • Bet a spectator you can name his selected card and after a few wrong gueses, the dollar bill in your hand changes into a duplicate of the selected card.

Learn to do many other card effects with visible changes, comedy marked cards, three card montes. card catching, penetrations, moving holes in examinable cards, restorations, vanishes, productions and much more. 

DUSHECK’S CARD MAGIC is edited by Jim Klein and contains 34 of Steve’s original magic effects in 156, 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ numbered pages. The Foreword is by Fantasio. Gold printing on maroon covers, matching end papers, acid-free pages to last a lifetime and 137 illustrations make this a collector-quality book you will want to own, treasure and use.


— Table of Contents
— Dedication
— Foreword (by Fantasio)
— Introduction
001 My rising Card
004 Phantom Cards
007 Premonition Outdone – Outdone
012 Perfect Deck
018 Double Cut Double Cross
021 Well Healed
026 Hole Card/ Whole Card
031 Solo Flight
037 One Card Brainwave
040 Cardaver
045 D.L.T.
048 Turncoat Cards
052 Little Big Card
057 Mate-A-Card
061 Cash Card
065 Chop
068 Cards and Silks
072 Monte Zuma
076 Holed Up
080 Magna Carda
084 Nail Jail
087 Kling-On
092 Hole Transpo
098 Spread Em
101 Changing Card
107 Cornography
110 Mis-Marked
113 Me Three
118 Card Catching
124 Boob Tube
129 The Dusheck Wallet
135 Dusheck’s Color Change
139 Cardeen
143 Card Force Box
146 Card Magic (Questions and Answers)
— About The Author
— About The Editor/Publisher

Submitted by Dietrich Keller

  • Publisher: American Magic Company
  • Pages: 156
  • Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA
  • Edited by: James M. Klein
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1992
  • Binding: hardbound

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