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Duco’s Dice by El Duco’s Magic

(c. 1974)
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Out of stock


This is a great looking routine using two jumbo dice (1″), some simple moves and two surprising effects.  No reset and everything can be examined before and after.

Effect: Two dice with covers. The spectator chooses one. He puts it in its cover in such a way so he doesn’t know which side is up. You do the same with the other die. Both are placed on the table. The spectator lifts the covers, THE SPOTS ON BOTH DICE CORRESPONDS!

Effect 2: Now the spectator puts BOTH dice in their covers and places them on the table. HE CHOOSES one of them. Six cards numbered 1-6 are shown and given to the spectator to shuffle. He then spreads them out on the table. You take the chosen cover and put it on one of the cards. The spectator lifts the cover, and, turning the card, finds that the numbers on both DIE AND CARD MATCH!

Bill Stickland Says:
“EL DUCO has cleverly employed an old principal of Magic to produce two excellent Mental Effects. The method and the attractive props can readily be adapted to many routines. I recommend the effect to close-up magicians particularly those favoring mental effects or dice tricks.”

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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