Double Dynamite by Roydon

(c. 1970)
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From 1970 this is a wonderfully clean mental effect from Roydon’s. This is the original version where the cards are made of heavy plastic and are white on both sides. The later version used Bicycle Jumbo ESP cards on heavy card stock.

Effect: Even though the effect seems impossible to the audience it is easy to do.  Magician displays an attractive folding stand 9″ x 12″ that will hold two jumbo ESP cards. He now places one card in the stand (back outwards) with the explanation that it is the card that he feels the spectator will select. He then writes a prediction and allows anyone to hold same.

Now, he allows any spectator to examine five jumbo ESP cards that are all different design, and to mix them thoroughly! Spectator now selects any card he wishes (no force) and hands the card to the magician who now places it in tho stand with the first card. Spectator now reads the prediction! Magician then turns both cards around so they are face out, and both cards match! And so does the prediction! The stand can be given out for examination — and there is absolutely nothing to find!

Made with old-style thick bicycle jumbo ESP cards.

(Notice: there is some slight variations in color of the white plastic ESP cards due to age but it is not that noticeable and doesn’t impact the performance at all.  Also there is a little bit of damage to the stand and front of the frame as shown in the photos.  These also have zero impact on performance and will not be noticed by the audience.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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