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Die Box (Single Door Gimmick) by Haenchen

(c. 1960)
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This is an Haenchen Die Box made in Honduras Mahogany. It has a single door gimmick and a fairly unique feature that of: controllable sliding sound. This means you can control when the sound is made or not as you tip the box from side to side. I have not seen this feature on any other Die Box I’ve owned and really like it 🙂

The locking single door gimmick allows you to show a die on the box or not.  Haenchen produced boxes with no gimick, a single door gimmick (like this one), and a double door gimmick.

This is a nicely made box that will last for many years.  These are not as exotic as some of the Mel Babcock beauties, but still a fine prop.

(Notice: Use your own Hat!)

Effect: A small wooden chest is displayed. A 3″ die is placed in the chest in full view of the audience, and the doors are closed, where upon the Magician commands the die to dis appear. In so doing he tips the box slightly to one side, and the die is heard sliding to that side. The audience calls for that door to be opened. Before opening that side, the box is tipped to the other side, & the sliding is heard again! Now the audience calls for the other door to be opened.

This procedure is repeated a number of times, each time the doors are opened, that section is empty, yet the audience hears the die sliding each time. Finally Magi is force to open BOTH doors and the die has REALLY VANISHED! only to be re-produced from a previously shown hat, box, or other container.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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