Die and Silk Casket by Owen Magic Supreme

(c. 1918,1957,1997)
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A clever and beautiful transposition from Owen’s. Originally sold by Thayer’s as A Mirror Casket, Die and Flag c. 1918. It is easy to do and although this is not for close-up as a parlor or stage effect it will wow them all!

Effect: A three-inch die is shown and placed in a hat, or any suitable container. The glass casket is shown and placed on the table. Performer removes the die from the hat and places it in the casket, then takes a number of silks and puts them into the hat. Suddenly, the die vanishes from the casket and it becomes filled with silks. The silks have vanished from the hat and the die is found in their place.

(Notice: this normally comes with two red silks but I have added six other silks so that all silks featured in the video are also included (8 silks in all).)

(Notice: Use your own hat!)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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