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Dial-X by U.F. Grant, Schuyler Reynolds

(c. 1951)
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This is the original version of Dial-X invented by U.F. Grant and Schuyler Reynolds and what a clever and useful device it is.  Small enough to fit in the pocket, amazing enough to carry with you.  It is a quite stunning to think that 70 years on it still works perfectly and has not lost any of it’s charm.

The idea for Dial-X was so unique that Grant & Reynolds filed and received a USA Patent for the idea: #US2639923A, so when you see the Patent Pending sign on this effect they were not kidding, it was titled Mechanical Puzzle and granted on May 26, 1953.

Effect: Hand out DIAL-X to anyone, out of your sight they set hand at any number, they return hand to 12 and you can reveal selected number in one of four dramatic ways. Then you can hand out DIAL-X (no switches, nothing added or removed), they can examine and experiment to their hearts’ content and end up baffled, completely at a loss, even though everything is right there in their hands. Beautifully made of polished clear Plexiglass for the base and transparent red Tenite II for the knob so they can see no mechanical device is involved. The 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch size makes it handy for the pocket. Always carry DIAL-X, you’ll find plenty of chances to use it.

Take DIAL-X behind your back or openly in front of you and simply turn pointer to selected number or openly sweep it clear around and back and announce number.

Take DIAL-X behind your back and while still behind you announce number and immediately hand out for examination and the pointer is still at twelve.

After they get the idea you have to turn the knob to find number, further baffle them with this method. Take DIAL-X openly in your hand and without so much as touching the knob announce the number.

The most, striking way of all. After they select number and return pointer to 12, DIAL-X is placed in the hinged plastic box, lid is closed and closed box is held or laid in plain sight. Then all are asked to concentrate on number and when box is opened (they can open it) the pointer is at number. A real knockout!

The smart cookies fall the hardest because they think they know how it just has to work, yet when they get it in their hands they can’t find what they’re looking for.

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