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Destiny Chest by Magic Wagon

(c. 2019)
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This chest is inspired by one of my favorite prediction chests, The Dr. Q. Prediction Chest. It has two main differences:

  • It is quite a lot smaller than the Owen’s chest (see the last four photos for comparisons)
  • The chest really can’t be examined or handled closely by the spectator because there is no locking mechanism to protect the gimmick – if you touch the gimmick it will move!  Whereas with the Dr. Q. you could search all day and not find a thing.

Having said that because there is no locking mechanism it makes it a little easier to use.  It is a fine box for sure and John M. Talbot’s routine about the Titanic is perfect for this little box.  If you like neat little boxes with secret gimmicks you will for sure find a use for this bad boy.

Effect: The performer displays a miniature version of an old steamer era teak cabin trunk. Six photos are then removed and shown of different passengers that were aboard the Titanic the tragic day it sank. These six passengers sadly used their last moments to frantically write messages to their loved ones and sealed them in jars and bottles. Spectator is now asked to freely select the passenger they sense attempted to send a last message home. Once selected the spectator opens the chest and discovers a sealed vial inside. They then remove the contents and discover one message to a loved one who they had previously freely selected. This emotional presentation is only one example of the many effects possible with the Destiny Chest. Destiny Chest comes with several effect ideas. Highlighted is John M. Talbot’s routine “The Last Message”. Spectators are taken back to April 14, 1912 and the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic.

  • The spectator opens the chest and removes the prediction; only one prediction is in the chest!
  • There is absolutely no force of any kind and the effect could be immediately repeated, if desired!
  • This is an entirely one-man prediction system; no assistants on or off stage are necessary in any way!
  • The effects that can be created with this system are limited only by one’s imagination!

The chest measures approximately 10.5cms wide, 8cms high and 9cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish and slightly tarnished brass hardware.

The photos really don’t do it justice. The chest is absolutely striking in appearance and a lot of workmanship went into putting this together due to the intricate detailed woodwork on this piece.

Comes complete with 4 pages of Mr. John M. Talbot’s routine “The Last Message” plus several extra ideas that can be performed with the Destiny Chest.

Our special thanks to Mr. John M. Talbot for the effect name recommendation and for writing the instructions and routine ideas.

Please note that the cork from a bottle of champagne in the third picture is not included.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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