Mon November 29, 2021 05:03 PM CST

Deluxe Magic Sword Illusion by Eric Hansen

(c. 2018)
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Out of stock


This is a beautiful and realistic version of the magic sword optical illusion you can see here. You will swear that the metal sword passes back and forth through the upgraded ornamental sword.

Effect: From the craftsman who brought us his beautiful version of Tenyo’s Eye Of The Idol – this is a stunning version of the classic Magic Sword.

One of the greatest tricks of all time because it’ll fool you even when you know how it works. The metal sword passes back and forth through any metal pin, toothpick, etc placed in the path.

Eric has upgraded the standard plastic model and made it a real showpiece. The face of the dial is from Dali’s classic Persistence of Memory depicting an iconic melting clock. The mechanism is mounted inside of a travel watch case. With upgraded sword as well.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)( Post Source: - click for details )

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