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DeLuxe Gammatration and Cosmovision by John Snyder, R.W. Hull

(c. 1935,1938)
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Gammatration and Cosmovision was invented by R.W. Hull c. 1935 and was refined and perfectly manufactured by John Snyder c. 1938 and less than fifty of the deluxe version were created. It is a very clever piece of magic combining two basic effects – the penetration of a jumbo card and the visible transposition of the two jumbo cards complete with signature!  And at the end both cards can be minutely examined there are no holes or damage.

The instructions are quite long and confusing but once you understand what is going on the effect is easy to do and basically works itself.  A little practice is important to get the routine smooth but if you spend an hour or two playing with this you’ll have a miracle on your hands that will amaze and amuse all who see it.  This will even fool the boys down the club.

Check out the Speed Demo which hopefully should make it all clear:-)

Effect: A JUMBO CARD EFFECT that is fully Automatic in every detail. Beautifully finished and mechanically perfect. Two cards are selected from a deck of Jumbo Cards, we will say for example, the Queen of Hearts and the Ten of Spades. One of the cards (we will say the Queen of Hearts) is marked by a spectator with his initials, this card is then placed in a window type frame, and frame placed on small stand.

A pencil, wand or handkerchief is now passed thru the card, SAME BEING SHOWN FROM BOTH SIDES. Card is now removed from frame and shown to be free of any hole or trickery, identification marks are still intact. Attention is now called to the fact that the Queen of Hearts is in the frame and that spectator has his hand on Ten of Spades. In full view the Queen of Hearts changes to the Ten of Spades and the Ten of Spades being held by spectator changes to the Queen of Hearts. Ten of Spades is passed to spectator who identifies his initials.

An effect that will really fool them.


  • Special Stand and Frame
  • Custom designed carry case with slots for each piece.
  • Partial deck of Jumbo Cards (some cards were signed and used when doing the video), but any Jumbo Bicycle deck will work.
  • Silk, Chop Stick
  • Detailed Instructions

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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