Delben Okito-Williams Money Maker by Okito-Williams

(c. 2005)
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Another rare beauty from Carl Williams in his Okito-Williams style. Here Carl takes on the legendary Delben Blotter with great success and produces the prettiest magic blotter you will find!

The Delben Blotter is in no way a new effect however the Okito style it has been given is unique. This innovation to this effect was prompted by a suggestion offered by Mr. Dean Arnold an American magician and collector presently residing in London, England.

The apparatus consists of a prop resembling one of the old ink blotters used extensively in and around the late twenties. This item was very popular prior to the invention of the ballpoint pen. In those days all fountain pens, as they were called, contained a rubber ink bladder that held a supply of ink. When the pen was used it deposited wet ink onto the writing paper that could be quickly dried when the curved surface of a blotter was rolled over the written surface.

If the performer places a sheet of blank paper into the tray that has been cut to the dimensions of a currency and then rolls the blotter over it. During this process the spectator is give the illusion that the blank paper has been printed by the blotter into a genuine piece of legitimate currency. Of course the result is real currency genuine in every respect.

(Use your own bill – $100 NOT included)

(Notice: Even though this blotter is like new and has just been stored in the original box it came in, some of the decals have fallen away – please study the photos to see where this has happened. It is noticeable but due to the intricate patterns doesn’t detract from the beauty of this piece. But I wanted to make sure you are aware of this before you bid. As a result I have removed the reserve on this so someone is going to get a great deal!)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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