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Cyclops Box by Martin Breese

(c. 2009)
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Estimated: $267 - $496
Item condition: New

Winning Bid: $345.00

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(Notice: The video is of the mini cyclops box, not the original one which is on sale here.)

When Martin Breese initially told me about the modus operandi employed in this effect, I was fascinated. It is available & has not only fulfilled the criteria he set himself, but has easily surpassed it! What a beautiful concept!

During my 40 years experience with magical principles, the methodology employed in this beautifully crafted wooden box is, I believe, unique. You will be thrilled, both by the look and the ingenious workings of this wonderful and universal piece of quality apparatus. The Cyclops Box provides the performer with the freedom and reassurance of being able to instantly identify any object placed inside, or removed from, the box by a spectator. The performer has no need to touch the box.

Even those performers whose creative ability is somewhat limited, will find myriad effects are possible with this extraordinary box:

  • psychometry tests,
  • Koran’s Billiard Balls routine,
  • drawing duplications,
  • incredible playing card/ESP card divinations,
  • dice number revelations &
  • unfathomable predictions.

There are no moving parts to this box, no transmitters and, it’s always ready to go. The whole thing oozes quality! Once you analyse what can be done with this box, and appreciate the artistry of the construction, you will fall head-over-heels in love with the thing … with a passion!

Without doubt, in years to come, the Cyclops Box will be a prized collector’s item, as sought after as any original Anverdi item is today. I suggest you buy it immediately, before someone destroys you with it and, before the price goes through the roof! Thank you Martin for a really wonderful piece of apparatus, which all those who purchase it, will treasure!

(Steve Cook - August 2009)

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