Tue May 24, 2022 05:41 PM CDT

Custom Linking Ring Bag (10″, Red) by Frank Starsinic

(c. 2020)
Out of stock


Out of stock


This is one of the last things I purchased from Frank Starsinic’s great company before he closed-up shop earlier this year. Frank produced a great line of custom bags, pouches, cases, and various leather goods and will be missed. If you have a nice set of Linking Rings then this is the perfect carry bag.

Effect: The perfect accessory for your linking rings:

  • Custom fit for 10″ rings.
  • Made from durable Red suede.
  • Padded to protect the rings.
  • Trademark Ring Closure is 3 inches diameter.
  • Lined with Satin.
  • Extra fabric at the opening allows for easy carrying.

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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